DIY Dekokrete  Concrete Planter Kit
DIY Dekokrete  Concrete Planter Kit
DIY Dekokrete  Concrete Planter Kit

DIY Dekokrete Concrete Planter Kit

Regular price $35.00 $0.00 kit includes everything you need to make your own concrete planters.
  • Dekokrete fast setting concrete mix

  • Casting bowl

  • Casting Insert bowl

  • Disposable gloves

  • Paint brush

  • Mixing pallet

  • Sanding paper

  • Rubber band

  • Mix preparing bowl

  • Peebles

  • BONUS Geometric mold

Everything is packaged in a cute gift box and would make an amazing birthday or Christmas gift.

Rosannette's followers almost always asked how do your planters look so perfect and so fine? For a long time I thought to throw away this DIY project for those cute people who asked me how these planters are made??  Well, here it is... I'm glad to announce that I've shared my way of doing my concrete planters.  I hope you enjoy this experience and take advantage of it.

Rosannette Franceschi founder of the brand Dekokrete in 2015 says "I have spent months testing the perfect form to make my planters and I finally develop my own quick-setting blend of concrete and now I have it to make this kit as simple and easy to use as possible."


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